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Password Hacking

How to create an Ophcrack USB bootable disk in windows

You will learn how to create an Ophcrack USB bootable disk from this article.

Few days ago, I tried to create an Ophcrack USB bootable disk to hack my windows 7 admin password. There are many software can burn ISO file to CD or DVD to make and bootable disk, but they cannot burn Ophcrack liveCD to USB disk and make it bootable. So I have to do something myself to make a bootable ophcrack usb disk.  Now I share my experience that how to create an Ophcrack USB bootable disk.

Something you need:

USB flash drive with at lest 1G Capability.
Spower Windows password Reset Special Trial/Full version.
Ophcrack xp LiveCD or Ophcrack Vista LiveCD
WinRAR or 7z
Follow the steps below:

1. Get Spower Windows 7 password Reset Trial/Full version, and install it.

2. Create an USB bootable disk with Spower Windows password Reset Special. Insert USB flash drive to computer, and click Burn to USB button to make a USB password boot disk. This operation will help to write the MBR booter to make USB disk is bootable.

3. Extract all files in ISO to the root directory of USB drive. WinRAR and 7z can open ISO file and extract the file from ISO file. Screenshot as below:

4. Copy the file  USB:Bootsyslinuxsyslinux.cfg to the USB:syslinux.cfg (overwrite the old file).

OK, Now you can use the USB drive to boot your computer and hack windows password with ophcrack.