How to Bypass a password

How to Bypass a password
Four plans for bypassing windows 7/vista/xp password

This post shows you another way to hack windows password – bypass windows password. Bypass windows password is a hidden way to hack into a windows password. The hack trace is difficult to be discovered.

If want to know how to protect your computer, see How to protect your PC from hacking.

Plan A: Bypass windows 7/vista/xp password – Boot computer from WinPE boot disk.

WinPE is a lite windows system that can run on a CD disc or USB drive without hard disk.

Get WinPE Image file.
Create an WinPE bootable disk.
Boot your PC from WinPE boot disk.
Maintain your computer or copy important data in WinPE.
Reference article: How to create a WinPE bootale disk to maintain your windows .

Plan B: Bypass windows xp password – Disable welcome screen (login screen)

As we known, we can edit windows registry offline. So if we know the key value for disabling welcome screen, we can change it offline to disable it.

Boot computer from WinPE boot disk.
Edit registry to disable the welcome screen. Load Windows xp registry to WinPE registry editor, and change the key value as below:
Restart computer and you will go to desktop without any login prompt.
Reference article: How to edit windows registry offline.

Plan C: Bypass windows 7/vista password – Enable Administrator account

We also can enable Administrator account by changing registry key value, but now I show a easier and faster way to enable administrator for windows 7 and vista without login windows. Here we use a windows password tool to help us to achieve that.

1. Get Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate and install it.
2. Create an USB or CD password reset disk with Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate – Just Insert USB flash drive or CD disc, and then click burn button.
3. Insert password reset disk to the computer you want to bypass.
4. Set the computer (the one you want to bypass) to boot from USB drive or CD-ROM.
5. Select the Administrator account and click Reset button to reset the password to blank and enable the account.
6. Click Reboot button to restart computer and login with Administrator account – Oh, oh, bypass the windows 7 and vista password is so easy.