Use Websites Without Signing Up for New Accounts

Use Websites Without Signing Up for New Accounts

Registering for websites is a pain in the neck, even if you use a dedicated spam email address to cut down on ads. Sometimes you just want to watch a cat video and be done with it. Here's a quick, easy workaround to having to register each time you end up at a new website: Turn to BugMeNot.

BugMeNot has a database of legitimate usernames and passwords for various sites that require you to register in order to access content. You can use BugMeNot in several ways.

The simplest approach is to go to the BugMeNot website and enter the name of the site where you want to log in. BugMeNot will produce a list of usernames and passwords that you can use instead of registering yourself.

If you'd rather not go all the way over to the website each time, you can download an extension for Firefox (BugMeNot Firefox) or Chrome. On other browsers you can use a bookmarklet (located in the menu of the BugMeNot website; just drag the bookmarklet into your browser's bookmark toolbar) to get instant BugMeNot login credentials.

BugMeNot does not give out credentials for sites that are behind a paywall, however, so you can't avoid paying for content by using this service.