Three Safari 5 secrets

Add a refresh button

Since the introduction of Safari 4, I’ve been missing the dedicated Refresh button in the Toolbar. While there is one available at the end of the location bar, it’s much smaller than it used to be and too close to other easy-to-hit targets. Fortunately, someone has taken advantage of the advent of extensions in Safari 5 to bring back the Refresh button.

To use it, you first need to enable Safari’s developer mode:

 Go to Safari-> Preferences -> Advanced. Turn on Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar. You may need to relaunch Safari at this point.

From the new Develop menu, select Enable Extensions. Now go here and download and install the Safari Reload Button extension. That done, Control-click on the Safari toolbar (or go to the View menu) and choose Customize Toolbar. Add the new Refresh button wherever you want to put it.