Play Angry Birds Heikki Online

Another game in the Angry Birds series by Rovio. Angry Birds Heikki is a game based on racing theme named after the F1 racer Heikki Kovalainen. The game has 12 tracks playlist and the objective is same as in other games in the series, kill all the clumsy pigs by hitting them with the flying birds. But here you have a special power, a racing helmet which can be used once in every game. But it needs a code which you will get after liking their page, go to their app and blah blah blah. To cut the crap, you can place the code “Piston” straightaway.

See How Angry Birds Heikki Looks

o visit to play the new Angry Birds Heikki edition. You just need to input your e-mail, enter any password and choose a username and you are ready to play the awesome game. It also features online ranking so you can compete with people all over the world for the high scores