Install Dos Games On Windows With DosBox

Dos will be a borring os for you all.But there are certain childhood dos games which we liked to play once again in our lives the most common example is the game named Dave.These games will not work on windows or other latest operating system by default.It needs a emulator to work..So lets come to our topic

How to install Dos Games on Windows:? 

I am using a emulator called DosBox
Download DosBox

Official Website

Create a folder named games inside any of your local drives

Next create another folder named Old inside games

Now move your dos game into folder named Old 

Install and open DosBox you will see a window as bellow

Enter the following commands

Mount E E:/Games

Note:Where E = Drive You created Folder named Games

Then Enter 



cd Old



Now you Can Run Dos App On Windows.!