How To Increase Internet Speed :- Trick 100% Working

How To Increase Internet Speed :- Trick 100% Working

Step1. Click on the start button. Then Type gpedit.msc on the search bar and then press enter button. Then a Local Group Policy Editor Window will appear.

Step2. Then in Group Policy window click on Computer configuration menu. Then click on Administrative Templates.

Step3. Then click on Network. Then under the Network menu click on Q0S Packet Scheduler.

Step4. Under the Q0S Packet Scheduler menu double click on Limit reservable Bandwidth option.

Step5. Then in Limit reservable Bandwidth window you will find that the settings and are disabled. But by default Limit reservable Bandwidth is eating your internet speed by 20%. In this you have to do a simple thing. Click on enable button in Limit reservable Bandwidth menu. Then reduce the Bandwidth by 0%.

Step6. Then Click on apply button. Then restart your computer. Congratulation you are done now.

Now connect the internet this time. Then see the difference in internet connection or your browsing speed. I think you will be surprised by the results. Enjoy!

For the best results scan your PC by good antivirus and remove all the virus if found. Secondly Remove all the Hard Drives's junk files and errors. You can remove hard drive error's by freeware open source software named "C Cleaner"