"Show Desktop" Shortcut on Windows XP

Add a "Show Desktop" Shortcut on Windows XP

  1. First, create a text file on your desktop (right-click anywhere on your desktop and select "New" > "Text Document").
  2. Double-click on this new file to edit it, then copy and paste the following text into the file:


  3. Save the file, then rename it to "Show desktop.scf".
  4. Option 1. (Simple)
    At this point, you can click and drag this file to the Quick Launch toolbar. As you drop the file to the Quick Launch toorbar, a new shortcut icon will be created on the toolbar.
    The disadvantage: If you happen to delete the file "Show desktop.scf" from your desktop, the shortcut icon at the Quick Launch toolbar will no longer work.

    Option 2. (Advanced)
    To get away from the problem mentioned on Option 1, simply move (or copy) the file ("Show desktop.scf") to the following folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\{user-name}\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

    (replace "{user-name}" with your user name.)